A Guide to World-Building

Whenever I've written fantasy or sci-fi, the world-building element of the story has been the bane of my life. World-building somehow manages to be one of the most exciting parts of writing in these genres, as you can let your imagination run away with itself, while also being incredibly difficult at the same time. The … Continue reading A Guide to World-Building

Writers, Publishers and Agents to Follow on Social Media | Instagram

Social media can be a big source of distraction. Who else has gone on Instagram to check something, only to get caught up in hours of mindless scrolling? When you're a writer, this can be a challenge. It's often easier to pick up your phone and go through social media, rather than stay focused and carry on working on your writing.

Ask an Author Series: Elle Spellman

As part of our new 'Ask an Author' Series, we are delighted to share this interview with debut author, Elle Spellman. Her novel, Running Into Trouble, was published in April 2020 by Trapeze Books and tells the story of three women united by their goal of running a marathon. In this interview, Elle shares her … Continue reading Ask an Author Series: Elle Spellman