A Spot of Writing Magazine

A Spot of Writing is a biannual magazine created by Weston Writers’ Nights to celebrate emerging writers from Somerset and the surrounding areas. Each issue features short stories, poetry, non-fiction and flash fiction from local writers on selected themes.

Previous Issues

Issue 4: Be the Change

From individual daily routines and the colour of leaves on the trees, to the latest headlines and current affairs, ‘the only thing that is constant is change’ as philosopher Heraclitus observed. In this issue, we feature work that explores the famous adage, be the change you wish to see in the world. 

Issue 3: Our Home – Planet Earth

The Planet Earth Issue, released in July 2021, features 17 emerging writers. From a study of a local church, to musings on human beings’ relationship with nature, this issue offers up glimpses of moments frozen in time: a night out, children lost in the woods, a menacing hiking trip, two men caught in a storm. 

Issue 2: Everybody Has a Story

The Everybody Has a Story Issue, released in September 2020, features 16 emerging local writers. The writers featured in this magazine have picked up their pens and shared some of their own stories, some fictional, some true. The stories range from heartbreaking to heartwarming, but are united by verve and a passion for life. Stories make our world go round.  We hope you enjoy these.

Issue 1: Hope

The Hope Issue, released in June 2020, features 16 emerging local writers and includes poignant flash fiction pieces, heartwarming stories and beautiful poems. Underpinning every piece is a profound sense of hope for the future.

We sent over 80 copies of the magazine to key workers, isolated individuals and inspiring organisations, free of charge, to spread a little bit of hope in our community.