After our recent post about bookish people to follow on Instagram, we’re continuing the series by sharing our top 10 writers, publishers and literary agents to follow on Twitter.

Whether you’re a social media lover, or prefer to avoid status updates at all costs, Twitter is a great place to keep up to date with the writing and publishing industry, especially since so many literary agents and publishers are really active on Twitter. A lot of opportunities get posted there, so it’s definitely worth filling your feed with agents and publishers.

Here’s our top 10 recommendations of people to follow!

1. Sharmaine Lovegrove

Sharmaine left home at a young age and had spells of homelessness, while finishing school. She went on to sell books in London before becoming an agent and then a publisher at Dialogue Books. She champions inclusivity and diversity in the publishing industry and is an all-round inspiring person. If you want to hear more about her, definitely listen to her episode on the How to Fail podcast – it’s well worth a listen!

2. Paper Nations and Literature Works

These are two local organisations that share a lot of amazing writing-related opportunities for people based in the South West. They are great accounts to follow to keep up to date with local literary goings-on and make sure you never miss an opportunity!

3. Will Francis

Will is a literary agent at Janklow and Nesbit, one of the world’s leading literary agencies. He posts about upcoming releases, book reviews and lots of writing related tidbits!

4. Chicken House Books

Chicken House are a publishing house founded by Barry Cunningham (the person who signed J. K. Rowling) based in Frome. They publish children’s, YA and middle grade fiction and share news about their authors. They run a couple of great competitions for children’s writers each year, so it’s worth following them to keep up to date!

5. The Bookseller

The Bookseller is a magazine and website dedicated to sharing news about the UK publishing industry. Everything from debut authors and publishing awards to new acquisitions and changes in the market. If you’re even a tiny bit interested in publishing, The Bookseller is the place to look to keep your finger on the pulse of news in the industry.

6. Matt Haig

Matt Haig is one of those people who articulates their thoughts in a profound and meaningful way, all the time. He is the author of Reasons to Stay Alive and Notes on a Nervous Planet, and often shares his experiences and advice for living with mental health struggles.

7. Catherine Cho

Catherine Cho is a literary agent at Madeleine Milburn Literary Agency and the author of Inferno. She also has a wonderful blog which has posts about writing, querying agents and the publication process. Follow for book recommendations and hard hitting articles from talented writers.

8. National Centre for Writing

The National Centre for Writing is a great place to find lots of resources about writing, publishing and everything in between. They share lots of resources, including podcasts and videos with well-known authors, as well as tips on craft and opportunities available for writers in the UK.

9. Kit de Waal

Kit de Waal is another supremely inspiring writer; she is the author of My Name is Leon which is a must-read, and the founder of Big Book Weekend. She is a champion for diversity in publishing and shares news about all sorts of amazing initiatives for writers.

10. Our final recommendation is not an account, but a hashtag. #askanagent and #askanauthor are great places to ask questions, get advice and interact with agents and authors from across a range of genres. Even if you don’t have anything to ask personally, the hashtags are great places to see responses to other people’s questions!

That’s all for our Twitter recommendations. Our final post in this series will be coming soon, and will cover writing-related podcasts and YouTube channels that you should take a look at. In the meantime, let us know your Twitter recommendations in the comments!