Social media can be a big source of distraction. Who else has gone on Instagram to check something, only to get caught up in hours of mindless scrolling?

When you’re a writer, this can be a challenge. It’s often easier to pick up your phone and go through social media, rather than stay focused and carry on working on your writing.

That being said, social media is filled with countless people who post inspiring content that will make you feel energised and excited to carry on writing, instead of getting caught up in procrastination.

Today, we’re sharing our top 10 writers, literary agents and publishers to follow on Instagram to help you fill your feed with writing tips, inspiration and beautiful pictures of books – what more could you want?

1. WritingTipss

This account is filled with writing tips and memes that somehow manage to be funny and helpful at the same time. Our favourite posts include a body language cheat sheet for writers, and this word wheel with tonnes of synonym ideas;

2. Yrsa Daley Ward

Yrsa is a phenomenal poet and her Instagram really reflects that. Her feed is filled with beautiful verses and writing advice and is guaranteed to make you want to pick up your pen!

3. R. M. Drake

R. M. Drake is a New York Times bestselling author and their page showcases Instagram poetry at its best. Short verses with striking messages remind us that you don’t need to use a lot of words to get your ideas across.

4. Alexandra Bracken

Alexandra posts beautiful pictures of books, as well as genuinely useful writing advice drawing from her own experience and process. If you like long captions, this account is for you!

5. R. M. Broderick

Another Instagram poet with a talent for creating beautiful phrases and poems that will make you stop and think. Follow for insights into the human condition and poems about mental health.

6. John Green

John Green is a hugely celebrated YA writer, so if you’re writing in this genre, he is a great person to follow. He has written multiple bestselling novels and shares his experience online.

7. K. M. Weiland

K. M. Weiland writes speculative and historical fiction and shares a lot of writing resources on her Instagram page. From tips on writing with large casts of characters, to knowing the difference between character voice and authorial voice – a treasure trove of information!

8. Rupi Kaur

Rupi is an extremely well-known poet who started sharing her visual poetry on Instagram which led to a book deal for her first collection, Milk and Honey. She writes exquisite poetry and shares her experiences of writing on her Instagram page.

9. Amanda Montell

Amanda is a writer and linguist whose recent book is a feminist guide to taking back the english language. She posts interesting tidbits of information about words, writing and publishing.

10. Neil Gaiman

The last person on this list is an author who most of us have heard of – Neil Gaiman. Neil’s Instagram is a scrapbook of his life, which also includes some fascinating insights to his writing process too!

We hope this has given you some new people to follow – let us know if there’s anyone you would recommend following for writing inspiration!