On Thursday 6th February we held our second Writer’s Night at The Stable Creative Hub in Weston and were thrilled with the turnout. Over 40 budding writers joined us for the evening to chat all things writing and get some tips from our panelists.

We got the chance to listen to some talented local writers sharing extracts of their work, which was both inspiring and moving. Emily Kay Goodman, Jonathan Evans and Charlotte Shields all shared some beautiful pieces of writing. It was a pleasure to hear their work.

After the local writer showcase, there was a creative writing exercise which everyone got involved with. It was amazing to see so many people with their heads down, writing away!

Here are some of our favourite creative writing responses;

‘Who’s the Boss’
I am the boss, this much is true
It means I am in charge of you
And if you don’t do what I say
I’ll make you do it anyway
I’m paid to be the one on top
This attempt at rhyme has become a flop

Winter Survival
The three small creatures huddled together beneath the bed. It certainly wasn’t warm where they had come from, but nothing could compare to the bitter cold they felt living at the Smith’s. Making it through to the spring had been their goal, but winter survival was proving more challenging than they had ever expected. The sweet embrace of their home planet was a rosy, but distant, fantasy now. their
He was back. Their captor stumbled through the door to the bedroom.

Parenthood, I’m nuts about it.
Sticky hands and runny noses,
Wiping bums, I’m nuts about it.
Lying prone and beating fists,
Tantrums in the shopping queue, I’m nuts about it.
Sleepy eyes and children’s books,
Soft post-bath-time skin, I’m nuts about it.
Falling and laughing about it,
Sausages up noses, playing piggies on your toes,
I’m nuts about it, I’m nuts about it.

We were so excited to be joined by such an accomplished panel of authors at this event. Between them, Fay Keenan, Teresa F Morgan, Jan Ellis and Jenny Kane have a wealth of experience in novel writing (and a very large stack of published books!).

Panel Moderator: Jasmin Perry Panelists: Fay Keenan, Jan Ellis, Jenny Kane and Teresa F Morgan

The panel discussion was engaging, entertaining and informative, covering everything from coming up with ideas, routes to getting published, and how to improve your writing. Teresa F Morgan has written a blog post including some of her advice from the evening, so definitely give that a read if you want to know more!

The panel were excellent – very informative and engaging. I loved the readings too!

– How to Be a Writer Attendee

If you missed this event, fear not! We have a Masterclass with Fay Keenan and Teresa F Morgan in March so, if you fancy learning about ‘How to Write a Love Scene’ from two bestselling romance novelists, grab your tickets here.

We will also be launching monthly writing meetups in March, and have a whole heap of other events in the pipeline for the rest of the year. Stay tuned on our website or Facebook page to keep up to date with all things Weston Writer’s Nights!

Happy writing!