Event Spotlight: Self Publishing – How to Promote your Book with Justin Newland

Picture: Mark Atherton

Last weekend we were joined by Justin Newland in a workshop all about book promotion, marketing and self-publishing. Justin shared a wealth of practical tips covering everything from creating a quality product and putting on a book launch event, to getting the word out through media coverage and self-promotion.

A great group of local writers came along to pick up some tips about promoting their work. Some were writing children’s stories, others were working on fantasy or non-fiction. Everyone left the session with at least a couple of new ideas for things they could do to promote their book.

The workshop was a source of inspiration, I’m looking forward to getting started

– Workshop Attendee

If you couldn’t make it to the workshop, here’s a summary of Justin’s top tips for getting your book out there;

The workshop was informative and useful for a beginner

– Workshop Attendee

I left feeling inspired and buoyed to get on with it!

– Workshop Attendee

If you’ve got any other tips for publicising your work and getting the word out about your book, let us know in the comments below!

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