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We’re passionate about good stories, connecting people and most importantly, empowering writers. Join us at one of our workshops, meet-ups or evening Writer’s Night events to meet other writers and develop your writing.

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A Guide to World-Building

Whenever I’ve written fantasy or sci-fi, the world-building element of the story has been the bane of my life. World-building somehow manages to be one of the most exciting parts of writing in these genres, as you can let your imagination run away with itself, while also being incredibly difficult at the same time. The … Continue reading A Guide to World-Building

Top 5 Writing-Related Podcasts

Today we’re going to be sharing our top 5 recommendations for writing-related podcasts. We love podcasts, purely because they are so easy to fit into daily life and often have great insights from amazing guests. Washing up, driving, and just about every household chore you can think of are all a million times more bearable … Continue reading Top 5 Writing-Related Podcasts

Loved hearing the local writers and the awesome panel!

'How to Be a Writer' Guest

Informative and useful for a beginner!

Self-Publishing Workshop Attendee